Amazing. Keep up this impressive progress and serve the society.
— Dr. S.K. Mukherjee , CEO , UNIMEDIA
Fully charmed, I should have been here long before
— Partha Ghosh., Reciter
Really amazed by the show put up by the children and by those who assisted them. All the very best for another successful year. God bless
— Subir Saha, HSBC
Very nice
— Tapas Chatterjee, Chairman, Rajarhat, Gopalpur Municipality
— Bijan Kr.Chakraborty, Block Welfare Officer
Absolutely amazing
— Heather Wilson, Wife of British Deputy High Commissioner
— Christopher McKinnon, Treasurer, Roy Trust, UK.
An excellent arrangement. It was nice evening indeed.
— D.K.Chakraborty, Director, Mass Education Extension, Govt.of West Bengal
Wonderful job by all – good luck.
— Dr.James McKinnon, Chairman, Roy Trust, UK
Wonderful achievement after two years
— Mr.Simon Wilson, British Deputy High Commissioner